Goals & Objectives



SECDC goals are to enhance, motivate, elevate, inspire, empower, and help urban people to have a better quality of life. We will help and assist in (1) develop their spirituality; (2) take control of their health concerns (physical and mentally); (3) take care of all family needs; (4) take care of and give back to the community; (5) provide food for the needy; (6) provide clothes for the needy; (7) provide shelter for the needy; (8) take control of the land and property within the urban borders; (9) take back, and take control of urban businesses, which is the blood of the community. A healthy, successful, prosperous, vibrant and growing community MUST control its businesses and the flow of funds within the community. This will ensure that money spent in the community will be reinvested back into the community. (10 Help provide better opportunities for, educational, apprenticeship, and training opportunities to advance their lives.


Other activities: (1) help people in the urban community be more successful and productive citizens which will help them contribute back to society ; (2) help curtail (lower) crime in the urban community; (3) increase property values for homes and businesses; (4) improve the urban community tax base; (5) create and foster a climate for investors to do business in the urban community; (6) help improve the infrastructure of the urban community; (7) create jobs and lower the unemployment rate. With our activities we want to raise the expectations of people in the urban community.


Our ongoing activity will be to raise funds by presenting SECDC organization to local, statewide, nationally and internationally to churches, charitable organizations, other non profit corporations, for profit corporations, municipalities, governmental agencies, volunteers and individuals to raise funds to enhance the lives of others.


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