1. Empowering Urban People
  2. Revitalize the Urban Community
  3. Economic Development
  4. Community Development (Social Services)
  5. Intellectual Services
  6. Education Assessment and Services
  7. Physical Emotional and Environmental Services
  8. Low to Middle Income Services
  9. Food Distribution Services
  10. Clothing Distribution Services
  11. Transitional and Permanent Housing for Homeless and the Ex-offender and other services
  12. Job Creation
  13. Workforce Preparedness, Career Development and Job Placement Assistance
  14. Community Health Services Referrals
  15. Youth Programs
  16. Senior Citizen Programs
  17. Technical Assistance for New Businesses
  18. Real Estate and Property Acquisition
  19. Counseling Services
  20. Family Programs
  21. Life Skills Development
  22. Mentoring, Spiritual Development
  23. Entrepreneurial Skills Development
  24. Partnering up and collaboration with other non-profits, for profits, corporations, private organizations, charities, funding and financial institution, city, county, state agencies, federal governmental agencies, interest groups or parties, churches, religious organization, interested individuals and any community stabilization initiatives
  25. Creation of new business, and expanding existing businesses
  26. Federal Contracts, Government Contracts & Grants
  27. Business Incubators
  28. Financial Literacy Classes
  29. Free Educational Trust Funds for Children to Continue their Education


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